Belize City confines a great collection of intriguing historical facts and ecological amusements in its corners. Right from the days of the ancient Mayan civilisation, Belize City has been the epicentre of cultural, financial and socio-political epicentre in this part of the Caribbean world. In fact, it enjoyed the status of being the capital city to the island nation of Belize until the near-annihilating devastation of Hurricane Hattie in 1961 exposed the city to vulnerabilities of nature. The Belizean city of Belmopan is now considered the political capital of the country but Belize City continues to be the hub of financial centre point of the country.
Located at the confluence of Belize River and Caribbean Sea, Belize City prospers as a busy port shipment yard, providing deep-water facilities. It is also the capital of the district of its namesake. But it is the tourism prospect of Belize City that has popularised the place among international travellers. Belize City offers a host of attractions including several sanctuaries, the world class Belize Zoo, a new museum, historic government buildings, churches and the incredible Maya site at Altun Ha. Accordingly, the hotel industry has developed too in the city to provide accommodations to the huge flow of globetrotters. Apart from leisure tourists, many people visit Belize City for commercial purposes too as numerous trans-national cruise and business ships drop off anchor in the city port. These flocks of business travellers prefer to stay in the cheap yet comfortable bed and breakfasts and hostels of Belize City rather than spending a fortune in luxurious hotels. Tourists who indulge for a hassle-free and long rejuvenating stay can opt for the ‘apartment for rent’ offers and enjoy their time out in Belize City.




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