Hamilton glides to another world altogether in any given day of the year. This capital and port city of Bermuda always sparkles in a festive mood and has come up as a favourite weekend retreat for the sunray-starved tourists from Northern hemisphere countries. Situated in the parish of Pembroke, Hamilton is a haven of leisure activities with its beaches of pink sand, green pastures for golfing and pleasant temperatures. Whether you’re planning a casual getaway, a special event or anything in between, Hamilton has something special in offer for every genre of tourists. Luxurious hotels, colourful restaurants and well maintained local houses add to the buoyant atmosphere of the city.
Hamilton came into existence in the ending phase of the eighteenth century when the government authorities of Bermuda selected the pleasurable surrounding of the city as the perfect spot to construct the capital. The city derives its name from Bermuda's first governor Sir Henry Hamilton and still lovingly is attached to the quintessential British traditions like cricket matches and afternoon tea. If the bustling of daytime Hamilton falls short of regaling you to the hilt, the thrill of nightlife is bound to exceed all expectation of bliss and recreation. Tourists, usually from United States of America, Britain and Canada flock into Hamilton all round the year as finding accommodations is not a concern that can rob you off the relaxed vacationing mood. Though the local population strength staggers around the thousand marks there is enough human resource support in the island city to boost the hospitality industry. There are numerous well-decorated and comfortable bed and breakfasts and hotels available in Hamilton within reasonable limits. Backpackers can retreat in the local hostels or the ones with longer holiday plans can take any apartment for rent to enjoy the better of their stay in the picturesque Hamilton.




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