La Paz gives a feel of top of the world by all means. Located high above sea level at 3600 metres, this city earns the reputation of being one of the highest cities in the world. La Paz is the legislative capital and largest city of Bolivia. Though the Bolivian city of Sucre is the official capital and judicial headquarters of the country, La Paz over shadows it with its strategic positioning and commercial backdrop. The history of La Paz resembles many other South American cities that came into existence after the European invaders touched the land. Spanish Captain Alonso de Mendoza founded the city of La Paz on October 20th, 1548 under the name of La Ciudad de Nuestra Señora de La Paz (The City of Our Lady of Peace) to commemorate the end of the civil wars in Peru.
La Paz sits in a bowl surrounded by the high Altiplano plateau and is aptly described as the city that touches the sky. This kind of characterisation of the city takes the shape of reality when you peep out of you hotel window here and feel the towering triple-peaked Illimani ranges within your reach. The international airport of La Paz is situated at El Alto with a height 4,082 m. All other accommodations and houses of the city are settled in different altitude that gives a constant feeling of high. La Paz is also the financial hub of Bolivia and, nowadays, it is shining with the increased foreign revenue generation due to rise in tourism. Even a decade earlier, this Bolivian city was not as often visited as other Latin American cities. Things started to change after it was realised that this is the most Indian region in the continent, a place where one can experience the language, culture and customs of the aboriginal Quechua tribe. As a result, in recent years, many, bed and breakfasts, hostels and restaurants have sprung up in the city to accommodate the foreign visitors. The general population of La Paz have utilised the opportunity to the hilt and often let their apartment for rent to earn some extra penny.




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