São Paulo is known as the “business capital” of Brazil, yet it remains an under statement considering the potential it stores as a great metropolis. The city’s diverse personality is bound to delight and astound any traveller or tourist. With population strength of São Paulo staggering at 18 million people this city is the most crowded destination of the nation and the second most in the whole world. The jet setting lifestyle of this south eastern Brazilian country whizzes past you just like the sports cars that run in its Formula One Grand Prix race track. The plush hotels, stylist restaurants, intense nightlife and the busy artistic calendar compel you to prolong your stay in São Paulo.

Ibirapuera Park

São Paulo is one of those cities in the world where you will never feel left out in the crowd. The multiethnic populace of the city comprises of heavy influence from Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabian, Japanese and other foreign nationals and you will definitely find one from your country. The rainbow-colour splashed streets of São Paulo are the best place to satisfy your continental gastronomic desire. The sumptuous cuisine provided at the restaurants, bed and breakfasts and hostels of the city ranges from Chinese to French to the delicious local ones. The alleys of São Paulo are dotted with hoardings of ‘apartment for rent’ and merchandise brands. Due to this, shopping is not only part of the itinerary, but also one of the main attractions of the city. Like all other Brazilian cities, São Paulo too gained global recognition after Portuguese settlements. Some private and public accommodations of the city still bear that influence in their architecture. The importance of the financial districts of the city are emphasised by the fact that all most all the fairs and congresses of Brazil are held in São Paulo.

Sao Paulo Sky Line

The Monument to the Bandeiras




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