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Bogota is one of the world's most fascinating and chaotic metropolises with an amazing collection of colonial architecture, pre-Colombian gold art and modern high-rises. This capital of Colombia is the largest city and is situated almost in the centre of the country at an altitude of 2600m (8600ft). The city limits are guarded by the towering Northern Andean ranges of Guadalupe and Monserrate are drained by the flows from the San Fransisco River. This supportive topographical surrounding of the country provides a moderate and almost spring-like climatic condition to Bogota throughout the year. This is one of the reasons for Bogota, the capital of Colombian Cundinamarca department, to be the most populated city in the country that houses roughly 7.8 million people.
Bogota is more like a gateway to South America and has been a transit point for the European settlers to North and Central America. The city began its journey from the days when it was known as Bacata and the highly advanced Chibca tribes inhabited the region. During the first half of the sixteenth century, the Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada established the city of Santa Fe de Bogota, the present name is the distortion of the same. Right from its inception, the city has served as the central point of all historical and social events and movements, which is evident from its present-day blend of Colombian tradition and Spanish colonial influences. This vibrant and diverse cultural environment of Bogota attracts tourists from all over the world and the city hotel industry has developed accordingly. No matter how fat or slim your budget line is, you will be able to find a bed and breakfast or any other comfortable accommodation within your affordability. However, student to Bogota’s ancient Universidad Santo Tomás, founded in 1580 and Universidad del Rosario prefer to stay in the hostels or take the apartments for rent for a longer stay. The Capitol Municipal Palace, the Plaza Bolivar, the Gold Museum, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and Guatavita are major places of interest in Bogota.

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