Varadero is perhaps the most popular Caribbean coastal resort for the lovers of sun and sand of North America. Situated on a peninsula some 140 kilometres east of Havana, the city has undergone a huge level of transformation since it first opened its doors to global tourism. Formally Varadero caught public attention after Irenee Dupont Nemours, an American millionaire, chose the serene seashores as the spot for her residence. After decades of isolation, the place has emerged as the one of world’s greatest beaches and pride of Cuba. The rapid growth in private accommodations and the extensive transportation systems in Varadero marked the economic prosperity of the city that in turn contributed heavily in the Cuban GDP. Today there is a growing choice of luxurious hotels and the number of new or refurbished houses that are coming up in the city to ensure a comfortable stay. While ecotourism is still in the rise in Varadero, much of the coastal city’s extraordinary natural beauty remains yet to be discovered.
The 22-kilometre strip of fine white sand at Vadadero is an ideal vacation spot for admirers of nature and environment. This abundance of natural beauty has transformed the city to Cuba's major beach resort that experiences footfalls from as far as Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Great Britain. The tourism authorities of Cuba have realised the potential of Varadero and have come with a broad range of hostels and bed and breakfasts by the side of this wide and sandy beach. All these accommodations offer affordable vacations to please any budget line. However, if you want to prolong your stay in Varadero within the same expense, taking one of the apartments for rent is the best way out.




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