Quito is amongst those places on earth where the nature is always active and the history never sleeps. This capital city of Ecuador is surrounded by numerous active and dormant active volcanoes of the Andes mountain ranges that include the Cotopaxi, Antisana, Sincholagua and Cayambe to the east and Illiniza, Atacazo, Pichincha and Pululagua to the west. Whereas a walk down the cobblestone streets and view of the 16th century houses from your hotel window in Quito will make you feel transported back in time. The city’s location at 2850 meters/9300 feet above sea level in the middle of the Guayllabamba river basin provides it with the distinction of world’ second highest capital.

Main Square in Old town

Quito is hub of Ecuador's largest indigenous group and home to diverse cultural festivals of colourful indigenous and vibrant. The city premises provide private accommodation in the form of bed and breakfasts and hostels to the enthusiastic hikers who wish to find their way up to the nearby volcanic peaks. Or else you can take one of the comfortable apartments for rent and enjoy your indefinite stay at Quito. It is the best place to go bird watching in pristine forests, shop with great bargains at local or roam about in the thousand-years old Inca ruins. The best part is that the climatic conditions of the city remain moderate throughout the year. The locational amazement of Quito includes the fact that it is located about 22 miles south of the equator. A monument titled "la mitad del mundo" marks the positioning and is a major place of interest for tourists of Quito.

Iglesia de San Francisco




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