San Salvador is a tropical Central American destination where you can admire the intriguing beauty of volcanic landscape and enjoy the affability of the Salvadoran people. A warm feeling cocoons you as soon as you land your first step at this capital and largest city of El Salvador. Located on the volcanic slope that parallels the Pacific coast, San Salvador is the hub of trade and commerce in the country and houses one-third of the national population. Pipil tribe were the first inhabitants of the city and ruins all the ancient accommodations that are still meekly visible amidst modernised structures. San Salvador has since then changed its location twice before settling down to its current location to avoid the devastation of seismic turbulence.
Present day San Salvador is more equipped to absorb any natural disaster and has evolved as the second biggest city in Central America. Owing to nearby Pacific seashore and positioning above a highland, the city weather beats the hot and humidity of a typical tropical climate, and hence, emerged as a popular tourist destination. Travellers who come here get attracted to the colourful ambience and energetic spirit of the people of San Salvador and fall in love to come back for the second time. The city projects a visible contrast in its economic and demographic distribution with an urbanised and chic downtown in contrast to the surrounding cluttered neighbourhood. Luxurious hotels, embellished shops, spruced up gardens and clean streets mark the places around Escalón, Ciudad Merliot and San Benito. But one can find many affordable hotels and bed and breakfasts in proximity to the numerous spacious plazas, amusement parks, and shopping centres of San Salvador. The Pan-American Highway cuts the city topography and connects it to the rest of America. The city's most famous landmarks include the domed Catedral Metropolitana, the huge Plaza Barrios, the opulent Teatro Nacional, the Palacio Nacional, and the elegant Museo Nacional. To get a feel of El Salvador's priceless treasures in a relaxing mood, one can put in one of the hostels or take any apartment for rent to ensure a longer stay.



El Salvador

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