Kingston is a kaleidoscope of Caribbean culture that beams with bustles of city life, breathtaking natural vistas and warm smiles of the locals. It is the capital and the largest city of Jamaica and its environment emanates the vibrancy of the island’s political, economic and social mindset. Situated on the south shores of Jamaica, Kingston is a sprawling metropolis that provides accommodations to large part of the national population and also the swelling flock of global tourists. The cool breezes from the misty Blue Mountains enhance the city’s envious location by the Caribbean waterfront and have helped in stimulating tourism. However, the excellent natural harbour of Kingston witness bulks of shipments arrive and depart from its docks and also attract business travellers.
Kingston gained the honour of being the Jamaican capital after the previous one, Port Royal, was inundated under seawaters following a violent earthquake on June 7, 1692. It became the capital of Jamaica in 1872 and developed as a major export and trading point of sugar, rum, molasses, and bananas. No matter how much the city has been urbanised over the years and the tremors of earthquake has played havoc, the true heart of Jamaica beats in this modern destination. Realising this inherent potential of Kingston, the hotel industry has developed in the city by leaps and bounds. Offers for bed and breakfasts and rented houses with all the latest facilities and comforts fill the city sidewalks. The affable Jamaican residents staying nearby the places of interest like the Rockfort, a 17th-century fortress, the Church of Saint Thomas and Headquarters House, often let their apartments for rent cashing on the supreme locations. However, one can try their hand out in one of the hostels of the city that are often packed with students of the city Mona campus to the University of the West Indies.




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