Montego Bay is a photogenic cradle of sun and sand that floats gently by the turquoise Caribbean waters. Once a hub of sugarcane plantation this Jamaican city is now the most visited land of the West Indies that tickles the spirit of adventure in all of us. Montego Bay, or affectionately MoBay, is situated on the northwest coasts of Jamaica and houses the largest airport of the country, Sangster International Airport. It is also the busiest port and commercial centre of the region dealing with one of the best quality sugar and Blue Mountain coffee beans. It is tourism that takes away all the credits to highlight a city in the world topography. There are more accommodations and hotels in this city than any other in Jamaica and also home to many wealthy Europeans and Americans.
Montego Bay got its identification from the distorted form of the Spanish word “manteca” that means lard, one of the chief export Jamaican goods of sixteenth century. After Columbus’s arrival in the shores of Montego Bay, the city remained a Spanish settlement until the British occupied Jamaica in mid-seventeenth century and made MoBay the capital of parish of St. James. The city bounds still preserve some of the century old sugar mills and antique accommodations that emanate an old world charm. Activities are practically endless in this large island city and there is truly something for everyone. You can lodge in any of the colourful bed and breakfasts or tourist hostels in the heart of the city and find the interesting "White Witch's" Rose Hall, Tryall, the Parish Church and many beautiful golf courses within walking distance. Series of elegant hotels and restaurants hug the pristine shores of Montego Bay and shimmer like a diamond necklace when illuminated at night. The best way to rejuvenate your stressed nerves is to take one apartment for rent by the sun-splashed shores and crystal-clear water of the Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay and see the world go by.




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