Auckland is one those rare global addresses where an urban environment blooms by the side of an enchanting nature, without developing any ecological imbalance. It is the largest port area of New Zealand but you will be surprised to find beautiful beaches and hiking trails within every two kilometres of walk in Auckland. Moreover, it houses many of New Zealand's most significant heritage attractions including cultural landmark of the Maori tribe. Sophisticated yet friendly, Auckland has great shopping and nightlife. The downtown area can match any global destination with the number of hotels, cafes and restaurants in its vicinity. The city has an abundance of place to see performing arts, particularly ballet, theatre and musical performances within walking distance of all the major places of accommodations.

Auckland City Skyline
The Ferry Building

Auckland is situated on the North Island between the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean. It is home to two major ports of Manukau and Waitemata that are located over two different waterfronts, the Tasman Sea and the South Pacific Ocean. This makes Auckland the commercial capital of the country. Also, innumerable entertainment activities and elegant landscaping makes Auckland an intense urban experience that is unrivalled in whole of New Zealand. From being the epicentre of Maori traditions for hundreds of years, the former capital of the country to a business destination, Auckland has come a long way. Apart from versatile urban culture, warm climate and relaxed lifestyle of this city have given birth to a luxurious style of living. Scores of bed and breakfasts and decked up youth hostels have come up in the city within the walking distance of most of the places of attraction. Tourists with a mind of their own can either kick back and relax on or explore Auckland while taking apartment for rent near the Sky Tower or Maori conglomeration of Rotorua.

Harbour Bridge



New Zealand

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