Christchurch Cathedral

Christchurch is an alluring cosmopolitan experience wrapped up in a fascinating world of ecological splendour. Located in the vibrant heart of the Canterbury region, the city is home to most of the famous and heritage educational institutions of New Zealand. The teeming student tribe of Christchurch, buzzing all over the city from hostel compounds to cafeterias, provide certain young feel to the city ambience. Another pleasing aspect about Christchurch is its abundance of manicured boulevards that has given it the treasured title of “the international garden city of the world”. From sailing to an island, trekking through the rainforest, picnicking on a volcano to wandering by the sun-kissed beaches, Christchurch’s layout makes it easy to jump quickly from one theme to another. It houses the urban side of life just as well as it does adventure. Most of the hotels in the city come with brilliant restaurants serving exciting cuisine styles of Europe, the Mediterranean, Polynesia, Japan and Thailand.
Christchurch became a city by Royal Charter on 31 July 1856, making it the oldest city in New Zealand. Today it provides accommodation to more than 344,100 people and has developed as a major tourist destination. Christchurch also enjoys the reputation of being a shopper’s paradise for its ravishing collection of great art and fashion creations. Adventurers who are on their way or planning a trip to Arctic glaciers often book into the bed and breakfasts of the city. Christchurch’s location on the east coast of the South Islands makes it a perfect launching point for such kind of expeditions. Within the city zone you’ll find originality and flair everywhere you look. Local theatre and live music programs in Christchurch are another opportunity to discover the creative side of New Zealand’s culture. Many kiwis, staying near the attraction points of the city let their apartments for rent, which proves to be an affordable accommodation bargain for tourists.

The Arts Centre

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