Panama City is one of the world’s most visitor-friendly cities with a homely ambience that comes true with the warm and friendly people of Panama. For centuries, this capital city of its namesake country has experienced a steady flow of people having different foreign descents due to its positioning on a narrow isthmus at international crossroads. Naturally, the Panamanians are accustomed to meeting people from other lands; hence, they speak English and their local dialect with equal élan. Captivating scenic beauties, nearby beaches, mountains and wildlife make perfect ingredients to promote Panama City as a traveller’s paradise. The tourism and hotel industry has developed rapidly to provide comfortable accommodation and hassle-free stay to the visitors in this city.

View of Panama City

Panama City is the largest urban address of Panama and is situated by the Gulf of Panama. The city history traces back to 1519 when Spanish explorer Pedro Arias de Ávila founded the city and it flourished as a Pacific port of transhipment. But the seventeenth century attack by Henry Morgan engulfed the city in a big fire and later the present was rebuilt few miles west from the original location. In subsequent years, the phenomenon of gold rush, extension of Panama Railroad Company, construction of the Panama Canal and establishment of U.S. military bases contributed to the prosperity of the city. Today, Panama City is the nucleus of financial, cultural and political activities of Panama. The city thrives with modern entertainment complexes, elegant hotels, quality restaurants and reputed business houses. Tourists can roam about around the old city of Panama la Vieja, the Pacific waterfront promenade of Las Bóvedas or the Cathedral on Plaza de la Catedral. Many bed and breakfasts and hostels have come up surrounding these places of interest to avail best accessibility. Otherwise, the Panama City residents often let their apartments for rent in throwaway rates and these are the best baits to get a home-away-home feeling.




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