Doha is the pedestal to explore the richness of Arab heritage that lies hidden in the sand dunes of Qatar. It is an important cultural and commercial centre of Middle East and maintains an excellent communications network with rest of the world through its modern seaport. Situated halfway down the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Doha is the capital city of Qatar. Doha came into existence hundreds of years ago when it was a quite pearl fishing village by the Persian Gulf. Gradually, the place rose to prominence and developed as a city where the famous Al Wajbah fortress was built in late nineteenth century. The city grounds are also witness to the triumphant Qatari resistance against the Ottomans. Today, Doha is a modern metropolis that is the headquarters of several international business houses and the famed Al Jazeera Arabic satellite television news channel.
Doha is a picturesque city with an intriguing mixture of old and new traditions of Arab. The city provides accommodation to a teeming population of more than 339,847 within its metropolitan limits. In last few decades, Doha has presented itself as one of the most important trade centres of the Arabian Gulf region. The efficient services of the Doha International Airport and its deep water port have helped in flourishing tourism, apart from commercial activities. A plethora of star-labelled hotels and bed and breakfasts have come in Doha. However, many tourists prefer to take other types of accommodations like apartments for rent nearby the food plazas serving excellent quality Arabian food. Another important aspect of Doha is it’s education sector. The Doha University, opened in 1973, is the most important educational institution in Qatar. An Education City has been built in Doha to encourage high-level of research works. Several hostels have also been constructed as part of the infrastructure facilities to accommodate the students in Doha.

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