Moscow, the most-thickly settled place in Western Europe is generally considered a modern interpretation of classic works. The city is famed far-and-wide for giving tourists that special attention. Russians like to find their curiosity and enthusiasm reciprocated; given that, a visitor shall be carrying back fond memories of his/her stay. Understanding the system shall take some time; though the burgeoning Westernisation planted high-profile tourist attractions all over Moscow, customer service is still something new to many Russians running a business.
Moscow, the capital of the former Soviet Union and Muscovite Russia, is located in the federal district in the western part, on the river Moskva. The city houses a-tenth of the Russian population. The Kremlin is the prime tourist attraction in the city; it serves as the center of the national government. Other pleasure-domes are Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Danilov Monastery (residence of the Patriarch), and the countless museums and galleries hosting collections enough to compete with those in the West. The Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts are the two most spoken-abouts; however, there are two Tretyakovs: the old Tretyakov and the new Tretyakov. Performance-arts are the other wing of Moscow’s attractions –Bolshoi (Big) and Malyj (Small) theatres being the most famous ones. The better known attractions, though, are the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Kremlin, the Red Square and the Church of the Ascension at Kolomenskoye, the Zoo, and a ride in the Trans-Siberian railway. Moscow is the western end of the 9300 km. railway track.

History Museum
St. Basil Cathedral

Moscow has a reputation for being open-armed to adventurous tourists. While the midwinter cloaks the city with powdery snow and a dusky twilight, an early summer or an early autumn offers much more in comfort and liveliness. Scenic vantage points like the Sparrow Hills are then sure to fan the fires, more so, if accompanied by a proper accommodation. The Sukharevskaya Deluxe, Kremlin Deluxe, Dutch Flat and the Tverskaya Suite are the economic accommodation in the apartment-for-rent roster, for a plush and luxurious stay, the Golden Ring Hotel and the Metropol Hotel are famous for delivering Moscow’s legendary hospitality and style. The Paradise Ridge Bed & Breakfast is suitable for the scurrying backpacker while Hostel Sherstone and the Godzillas Hostel are choice of the groupies.




Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Ostankino TV Tower




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