Ankara, from time unknown, has remained the gateway to East for the western part of the world. Located on the central Anatolian plateau, it is the capital city of the republic of Turkey. Due to its strategic position as bridge between the Asia and European continent, Ankara is that historical terrain embellished with the footmarks of different races and communities who passed over or stayed back from time to time. The city is splattered with castles once built by the conquerors. These witnesses of history have now opened doors as hotels or other form of accommodations for tourists.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the republic's founder, selected Ankara to be the seat of Turkey's newly politically defined government. Today, Ankara is the central point of all financial and administrative activities of Turkey. It nestles all the important government and international premises and is supported by a well-connected transportation system. Ankara possesses a strange distinction in its architecture and surrounding with the glimpses from past overlooking the pace of the present.
The modern part of the city is dominated by new and modern construction including the imposing limestone Anitkabir, the mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk. The oldest parts of the city is built around the ancient hisar or citadel which encompasses the century old Alaeddin Mosque. Many other interesting traditional Turkish houses have been restored in the area, and some have found new life as art galleries or hotels. The attractive restaurants of the locality serve the delicious Turkish dishes. Travellers from all over the world come here to experience this fusion of ancient and modern architectural concepts.
Students of ancient arts get enamoured by the power and grace of Turkish architecture boasting fine Seljuk woodwork throng at Ankara throughout the year. To accommodate this young crowd, numerous reasonable hostel and bed and breakfasts have sprung up round the city. Buildings and houses with hoardings of ‘Apartments for rent’ are now a regular feature in the streets of Ankara.




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